Text Box: Roller derby is a women's contact sport which traces itís roots back to the 1930ís where it began as roller skating marathons.  In the late 30ís early 40ís two men; Leo Selzer and Damon Runyon began shaping it into the sport that we know and love today.
Roller derby is a sport of speed, strength and agility.  Itís athletes are the perfect marriage of grace and power.  Its objective is simple; blockers enable the teams jammer to make her way through a pack of opposing blockers to score points.  Players use their bodies as human wrecking balls, smashing into each other to either knock their opponents out of bounds or crashing to the floor.
Northshore Roller derby is a flat track league which means they play on a level track instead of the banked tracks of other leagues. 
     For a more complete description of the sport as well as rules and regulations, visit our ďRulesĒ page.
Text Box: Quite simply put, Roller Derby is anyone and everyone and the Lethal Ladies are no exception.  Derby does not discriminate against skin color, religion, or culture.  They make their livings as accountants, clerks, police women, waitresses, business owners and range in age from 18 to well into their 60ís.  The only requirement of a derby girl is when they step onto the track they have to bring 100% and leave it all on the track when their done.  Only that will do and that is all these girls know how to do.  The hard work and practice that is expected of Roller Derby players has to be piled onto the work of their everyday lives.  A Derby Girlís life is filled with blood, sweat and bruises.  If you asked any player it itís worth it, they would probably smile and give you a whole hearted ďHell yeah!Ē 
While traditionally a Womanís sport, men inspired by Derby find their places both on and off the track as well.  They often find positions as announcers, coaches, officials, volunteers and some cities have menís leagues.  
The other thing that makes Roller Derby what it is are the fans.  When you walk into a match you will see the most diverse and beautiful collection of people in the world.  Folks from every walk of life gather to throw themselves behind their favorite teams and players.  
Text Box: The North Shore Lethal Ladies play at the Castine Center 63350 Pelican Blvd Mandeville, LA 70448 which is located 6 miles from the Causeway bridge, 2.2 miles from Hwy. 59 and just 5.8 miles from Interstate 12.  More information about the venue can be seen on their website HERE. 
Text Box: The Northshore Roller Derby League is an opportunity for Southeast Louisiana ladies to be a part of a sport that has been empowering women since the 1940ís.  Itís mission is to provide a place for all women to challenge and strengthen themselves physically and mentally through the sisterhood of roller derby while supporting our community through volunteering and raising money for local charities.
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